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Improvements and Fixes

Our products are constantly evolving. The latest version (incl. all improvements) you will always find in our download area. So check back often for the latest program versions and install them please.

Free product support

All new sub versions of software (with all the improvements and fixes) are in the main license of the respective program included free (Ex: purchased license 1.x works with all Versions of 1:01 to 1.99, 2.x works with all versions of sub 2:01 to 2.99, etc.)

Online forum

More information, tips, product support, aso. can be found in our online forum.


If you have questions about the software (eg. Regarding. Installation, usage, problems, etc.), then please ask these questions in the online forum. On the one hand doens't exit mail support for free products and on the other hand have other customers maybe the same questions, which has already been answered by us ot other customers.

If you do not have questions about the software, but on other issues (for expl. questions about sales, marketing, press, aso.), then please call to the contact information in our imprint.