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"JAXID compiler / programming language "

Jaxid is primarily an alternative to "C/C++", "C#", "JavaScript" und "Java".

Jaxid is a "real" compiler that creates machine code (*.exe, *.elf, *.app, *.dll, *.so, aso.), such as with C/C++ (full control over memory / object resources, direct access to the hardware, fast and effective) but it's easy to use and save like Java (no preprocessors, no headers, no pointers, simple integration of libraries, range check, no heap-, buffer-, stack overflow)

Jaxid will support the actual most important systems. This applies to both hardware (i386, amd64, arm, aso.) and system software (Windows, Linux, Apple, Android, aso.).

"JAXID compiler / programming language" is currently a research project for a closed group of computer scientists, developers and investors, will be designed at the moment and is far away from a productive use.

For more information, please contact the email address in the imprint.